7 Cool Facts About Invisalign® You Didn't Know

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Want straighter teeth and a more attractive smile without the hassle and inconvenience of traditional braces? Then look no further than Invisalign®, a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment system offered for patients at Smylique Dentistry. Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gently coax your teeth into their proper positions, and it can do it in less time and with less discomfort than traditional metal or ceramic braces. Think you know all there is to know about Invisalign treatment? Here are seven interesting facts that just might surprise you.

1. They really are pretty much invisible

Invisalign’s plastic aligners fit snugly (but comfortably), and they’re so clear, they’re almost impossible to detect. In fact, unless you’re up really close, no one will know you’re wearing them. Invisalign aligners are so discreet, they’re the choice of many celebrities who want to have more beautiful smiles without noticeable metal or ceramic braces. Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey are just two of the celebrities who’ve improved their smiles with the Invisalign system.

2. Your treatment will be completely customized based on your unique needs

Invisalign’s aligners are one of a kind, created on a case-by-case basis for each individual patient. Unlike traditional braces that use one-size-fits-all fittings, your Invisalign aligners will be custom crafted for your teeth, your mouth shape and your treatment goals. The aligners are created using advanced computer-aided design technology using 3D virtual images to map out your course of treatment. Then each individual aligner is created using the same software, incorporating subtle changes in design that keep your teeth moving during treatment. It’s that custom-design feature that helps make Invisalign so effective and successful.

3. You need fewer office visits compared to treatment with traditional braces

If you have traditional braces, you’ll need to see the orthodontist at least every month to have adjustments. Most people who have the Invisalign treatment only need to see Dr. Quagliata every six to eight weeks to make sure treatment is progressing smoothly. Plus, since there are no wires to adjust or brackets to change, your office visits will be quick and painless.

4. Invisalign works to correct lots of different alignment problems

Invisalign aligners look pretty simple. But actually, their design is based on decades of research in biomechanics and materials science. As a result, they can be used to treat different alignment problems, including overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites, gaps between teeth and teeth that are crowded.

5. Invisalign aligners use a special kind of plastic

Specifically, the aligners are made of a patented material called SmartTrack® that’s used exclusively for Invisalign treatments. It took researchers eight years of testing more than 250 materials to come up with the special SmartTrack blend. SmartTrack is approved by the FDA, and it contains no BPA, BPS or latex. It’s even gluten free! The patented SmartTrack material helps Invisalign do its job by applying gentle, continual pressure on your teeth, helping them move into position. Plus, SmartTrack enables the aligners to glide on and off easily, and because the aligners don’t use sharp metal wires, they’re more comfortable to wear too.

6. Invisalign treatment is fast — and usually faster than treatment with traditional braces

Traditional braces rely on continual adjustments, manual tightening, metal wires and even rubber bands to keep the teeth moving, and each adjustment causes an abrupt change in the amount of force that’s being exerted. Invisalign aligners apply continual, gentle pressure to help your teeth move into alignment, without those abrupt changes. That means treatment is more comfortable, and it also means it takes less time to get the results you want.

7. It’s easier to keep your teeth clean

With traditional braces, metal wires and metal bands or ceramic plates can make it really difficult to keep your teeth clean. All those nooks and crannies provide a lot of hiding places for food particles and bacteria, and you can forget about your normal flossing routine. With Invisalign, you can just pop out your aligners when it’s time to brush and floss or when it’s time for professional cleanings. Not only will you enjoy cleaner teeth and fresher breath during treatment, but your teeth will be beautiful and healthy when your treatment is complete.

Is Invisalign right for you?

Having straighter teeth and a more attractive smile shouldn't be a hassle, and with Invisalign treatment at Smylique Dentistry, it's not. Invisalign can be used to treat most types of alignment problems, and there's a really good chance it could help you too. To find out more about the Invisalign system, book an appointment online today.

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