Botox Therapy Creates a Beautiful Beginning to Your Summer of Fun

Summer is finally here. After last year’s shutdown, we’re emerging from our cocoons and shaking free to enjoy beauty, friends, and life once more. This summer is going to be a summer of more. More celebrations. More get-togethers. More restaurants. More photos and social posts. It seems like the entire country is coming alive again. Are you ready to live your best smile this summer?

Smylique Dentistry is celebrating this summer with a special Botox therapy offer. Book during June and get 25% off one Botox appointment. If you're not due for treatment in June, don't worry. We'll apply your one-time discount to your next appointment.

Why Dr. Quagliata offers Botox Therapy

Many of our patients wonder why a dental office offers botox therapy. There are a few reasons why this service is a great fit for our Smylique Dentistry patients:

At Smylique Dentistry, we see Botox Therapy improving lives and smiles every single day. Could it improve your life? Book your appointment today, and find out!

Smylique Dentistry Team Smylique Dentistry Team

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