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With your busy schedule, it’s often difficult to commit to dental procedures that take more than one appointment to complete. At Smylique™ Dentistry in Rochester, New York, you don’t need to worry about the time it takes to create a custom crown to protect your tooth. Instead, Indra Quagliata, DDS, and the team use CEREC® crowns to give you a customized crown the same day as your only appointment. To learn more about CEREC crowns and see if they're right for you, call the office or book online today.

CEREC crowns Q & A

What are CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns are very strong ceramic dental crowns that you can get in just one appointment: You don’t need to wait weeks or months to get a custom-made protective crown for your tooth.

CEREC crowns use several types of material to provide more strength than that of your natural teeth for those that grind and clench. They use materials for anterior/front teeth that are more translucent like most people’s natural teeth. Dr. Quagliata will work with you and determine your needs to get the true customization that works best for you.

Dr. Quagliata computer-designs your crown, then sends it to the milling machine. The team then stains and glazes that so it exactly matches your adjacent teeth, then they place the crown. You can go home with your restoration complete and save that second appointment time for work or play.

CEREC crowns are made of durable ceramic and look just like your natural teeth. Your new crown will last for years, often longer than traditional crowns, as long as you take good care of it.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns?

CEREC crowns are perfect for the busy individual with an imperfect smile or teeth that need to be restored. They have an advantage over traditional crowns because:

  • They are custom made to match your surrounding teeth
  • They don’t take long to make
  • The digital impressions used are more accurate than traditional impressions
  • You need to make only one appointment to get them
  • They’re more cost-effective
  • They are stronger and just as translucent as your natural teeth.
  • You don’t need to subject yourself to messy and uncomfortable putty impressions
  • Your tooth won’t be at risk while you wear a weak temporary crown
  • You can use them as you would your natural teeth

While you can get traditional crowns that are also made of ceramic, CEREC crowns take just a few minutes to make with computer technology instead of weeks or months with traditional methods.

What can I expect at my CEREC crown appointment?

When you first arrive at Smylique™ Dentistry, Dr. Quagliata cleans and prepares your tooth before using an intra-oral camera to take images of the inside of your mouth.

The camera is tiny and fits comfortably in your mouth, and it replaces the mouthful of impression material traditional methods require.

Next, using a computer, Dr. Quagliata creates a digital image of your tooth used to make the crown. This technology is dubbed computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Then, a milling machine cuts the shape of your crown from a block of ceramic in just a few minutes. Finally, Dr. Quagliata attaches the crown to your tooth with a durable adhesive.

If you need extra protection and structure for your tooth but don’t have time to wait for a traditional crown, call Smylique™ Dentistry today get a CEREC crown and leave your next appointment with a durable new tooth that looks gorgeous.